How to setup automated comment moderation?

In your dashboard, click on the dropdown in the top-right to select one of your pages.

Then click on the Settings tab to open the moderation settings that you can enable.

We'll go through all the options, but let me start by saying that you can choose to:

  1. Automatically hide all comments.
  2. Automatically hide comments that trigger specific filters.

Copy settings from another page

If you have already setup the moderation for one of your other pages, you can save time by copying the settings from another page. This can be very useful, for example when you want to apply the same moderation settings to the Facebook and Instagram of the same brand.

Moderation filters

You can enable or disable any of the filters by switching the toggle.

Some of the filters also have advanced settings you can customize to your liking.

Hide offensive language

This filter uses AI to detect offensive comments in 15 languages: English, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

This includes profanity (in all its creative spellings) but also foul language without bad words.

It will catch creative spelling: "fuck you" but also "fck you" or "fu".

It will also catch bad statements without bad words: "you're not a beauty..."

Hide URL's

By default this filter will hide all comments that contain a URL. In the advanced settings you can add domains or URL’s you’d like to exclude from this filter (for example your own website).

Hide emails and phone numbers

This will hide all comments with an email address or a phone number in it.

Hide mentions

This will hide all comments in which someone is tagged, in the advanced settings you can add names or account handles you’d like to exclude from this filter.

Hide images

This filter hides all comments that include images, stickers or GIF's.

Hide emojis

By default this filter will hide all emojis. In the advanced settings you can handpick specific emojis that you'd like to be hidden, like for example: 💩 or 🤬

Hide keywords

Here you can add a list of specific keywords you'd like to be hidden. This is mostly used to hide names of competitors. Note that you don't have to input a whole list of bad words here, because the offensive language filter will already catch these.

Hide all comments

This setting will overrule all other moderation settings and auto-hide all new comments you receive. You can manually unhide them from your dashboard if you want to make them visible again.


At the bottom of the page you'll find a playground where you can input comments to see if they would be hidden by the filters that you enabled. The result will be shown, including a label to indicate which of your enabled moderation filter was triggered.

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